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Clever, Cost-Effective Concepts

Attracting and retaining fans online is harder than it’s ever been. These days, not only do you need to have the information that a user wants but it needs to be easy to find and easy on the eye. Better yet, if you can make it interactive, you’ll hook that user in and hopefully it’ll create a lasting connection with them and your brand. We build websites, apps, games and on-site widgets to do exactly that. Have a look below to find out more about our approach to web design and development, or if you’ve got a project in mind already, just drop the team an email or give us a call on 01212 969 934.

1. Understand the Concept

Before diving into a project, we need to take the time to fully understand business requirements and objectives so we can build a solid development plan to ensure each party knows exactly what’s going on and when.

Strategy: When we take on a development project, we like to do things properly. First up, we spend time with you and your business to get to know the concept inside out. This means talking to you and your stakeholders, sometimes throwing difficult questions your way and even putting a few ideas of our own into the mix. Together, we can turn your simple brief into a story for us all to follow, enabling us to start looking at how users will interact with your project. From there we can start to build out sitemaps and work out a timeline for delivery, creating total transparency between your team and ours.

2. Putting Users First

User experience is at the heart of every development project. It’s essential to understand how your audience will interact with your project from the off. We can then use that insight to create a product that’s easy to navigate and will provoke the desired reaction from your audience.

User Experience: We're firm believers that any development project must put the user first. That's why once we're confident that we've got a comprehensive understanding of how you want and need your product to work, we'll map out your project wireframes. These are simple layouts of your web, app or game showing where things will be placed to give you an idea of how the final product will be used.

3. Bring it all Together

Consumers are a fickle bunch, if something doesn’t look good then they’ll jump ship to find a website or app that does. It’s imperative that all your online assets, be it a website, app or game, all share the same artwork and branding. When we work on development projects, we’ll always work with you to use a complimentary colour palette that works with your brand or help you devise a new one entirely, ensuring all your online products look fantastic.

Design: Consistency is key when it comes to design, we'll work with you to determine the best colour scheme or branding to use and will keep you involved in the design process every step of the way so you can see how the artwork's developed for your project. Our designers work alongside our developers to ensure the customer journey follows UX best practice and that all designs are responsive, so they work across mobile, tablet and desktop.

4. Make it work

Once we’ve got the go ahead from your team, it’s time to get technical. We’ll take the wireframes and designs and pass them across to our team of developers to turn them into code and get them online for you to play with.

Development: Once we've had sign off on the artwork, we hand the designs across to our developers who turn this into code and ultimately, something you can interact with online. We use something called the agile development methodology, this means we break a project down into segments, allowing us to develop small sections of a project at a time. The benefit to you is that you have the opportunity to be involved in every single step, meaning we can fine tune things as we go, instead of rushing to fit any changes in at the end. Although this is the stage in the process where our developers take over, our account management team work alongside them to make sure you're updated every step of the way and in language that you understand.

5. Getting down to Business

The best bit of any project is getting it delivered and seeing real people use it. We always leave enough time at the end of every project for your team to give things a rigorous test and feedback. Once it’s gone live we like to keep tabs on what people do with your product and collect feedback from real users to help us improve it further down the line, take notes for future projects and track the benefit to your business.

Test & Learn: We'll work with you to test your project and refine it until it's signed off by your business. Before we put your project live, we'll implement relevant tracking and analytics across it to ensure we monitor performance against your original objectives and get real-time feedback from users, helping us to understand how well it's working and if we need to make any changes. We're totally transparent in how we work, and will share all of this data with your team so you can provide further insight into your users and prove your return on investment.

Want to talk about a project with our development team? Get in touch by clicking the button.