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When you’re a new brand, it’s tempting to skip out into the world of digital marketing without a care in the world and forget about all the other stuff.

We of all people know how great digital marketing can be, but it’s not the be all and end all. Offline marketing and traditional methods can be really useful too.

Trying out new-fangled tools and swanky apps certainly can grow your brand, but giving those ‘that’s sooo 10 years ago’ offline marketing a go can be equally as fruitful.

Give these tried and tested offline marketing tips a try:

Networking is your friend

It may seem a bit old school but simply having a chat with people about your brand and being able to articulate what you stand for is a really effective marketing tool. Building a face-to-face connection with other businesses, potential customers and suppliers helps you to develop rapport and create an impact.

Everyone knows that good relationships increase brand loyalty and if a customer clicked with you at a trade show then they’re more likely to follow up with a visit to your beloved website.

There are loads of networking events for like-minded entrepreneurs and if you’re going to go networking then it’s a good idea to get some swish business cards for people to remember you by.

Print Marketing shouldn’t be overlooked

We keep hearing that print is dead, but printed collateral can be a really effective signpost for your brand which will inevitably push people towards your digital efforts too.

Stand out from the crowd by using a strong design identity when you’re putting together posters, brochures, flyers, business cards and product packaging.

The perks of having a physical piece of your brand to hand out is that your content can be in someone’s home for a customer to look back at and for new ones to see; digital marketing can feel more temporary.

Not everyone has an online presence and they might miss your digital activities, so it can’t hurt to cast the net a little wider offline to include those left out of the digital space.

Pro tip: don’t forget to include all your website and social media details on your printed materials.

Guerrilla marketing is a fun way to market your brand

Guerrilla marketing is the one where you do a flash-mob and start dancing in the middle of your local high-street in branded leotards. Okay, you don’t have to do that, we basically mean unconventional marketing stunts that think outside the box.

Even little quick wins that are a bit unusual can make a big impact on an audience. You could ask a local artist to create a mural and have your brand sponsor the content or you could try something as simple as leaving your business card in an obscure location for a potential customer to pick up.

The main take away from this post is that offline marketing should still have an important place in your brand’s strategy. Both online and offline channels are more powerful when used together in an integrated approach than as standalone strategies.

AUTHOR: Heba El-Husseini

As the Digital Account Manager at huzzah! digital, Heba is a creative visionary with a flair for writing. She is a lover of storytelling and the impact it can have on brands. When she's not brushing up on her filmmaking skills, you can usually find her eyeing up the latest fashion trends.

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