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In the last year, Instagram has attracted over 500,000 brands to its advertising platform. Brands, marketers and third-party platforms are flocking to the visual content-based app and it’s easy to see why. It has 300 million daily users, which is pretty blooming’ massive and it has the potential to grow even more because of its big bro, Facebook helping it along the way. Instagram Stories has recently launched, which is basically a carbon copy of Snapchat and the founders don’t shy away from the comparison. But Instagram is a more brand-friendly tool than Snapchat; it’s easier to measure engagement, approval and contact brands. Here’s why you should be on Instagram.


Posting photos of unused, flawless looking products with the perfect lighting and perfect looking models is all well and good, but sometimes customers just want to see a bit of realism too. Instagram gives you a great way to post behind-the-scenes content, Q&As, interviews and any other content that can subvert the polished advertising they see day in and day out and just see a brand letting its hair down and having a laugh.



Instagram allows you to push the benefits of a product and not just the features. Instead of prim, untouched products being photographed, you can come up with short instructional videos that offer a snappy review of a product and show it being used. This type of interactive content allows people to see how a product can fit into their own life.


There are lots of influencers and brand ambassadors to be found and collaborated with on Instagram. Getting them involved and encouraging them to create user-generated content allows customers to get enthusiastic about your product and create their own authentic photos and videos. They’ll have more trust with their wider circle and community of Instagram followers, so building trust with influencers is a great idea. Generation Z is going to make up 40% of consumers in 2020; you need this demographic on board and people that can speak to them.

Effective Strategy

With access to Instagram’s Advertising API, you can manage and grow marketing campaigns more easily. Existing Facebook ads can easily be repeated on Instagram and brands can use the data and measurements with Facebook’s audience targeting to create good content. Using Instagram won’t mean starting from scratch and guessing what will be effective on a new platform, because of its Facebook connections.

Facebook-Insta Ads


Getting content signed off for some platforms can be a tedious process, but Instagram encourages an instant, reactive way of posting content. You can create timely posts that are simple to put together and can have a broad reach. Your brand will look dynamic and responsive when you throw out creative content that’s bang on-trend.


One of the biggest advantages of Instagram is having more interaction with consumers. Rich visuals and new creative content ideas can help you to build a loyal customer base that you can chat with and learn from through Instagram comments and ‘likes’. On a surface level, you can quite quickly see which content works and what customers like about a particular post, because they’ll tell you. Don’t make it one way, chat to your customers as much as you can and learn from them.

Instagram is growing and it doesn’t look like stopping any time soon. It’s a fun, creative way to chat to your customers, learn what they like to see and show your brand’s sparkling personality!

AUTHOR: Laura Cooper

Laura's a credited comedy writer who's written for the BBC, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. A creative at heart, she's our lead content writer at huzzah! digital and in her spare time can be found typing away for her own music/pop culture blogs.

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