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Writers’ Block, we’ve all been there; maybe not right now because I’m actually writing something, but believe me, it happens. If you’re a content strategist, blogger, freelancer or someone else that has to consistently churn out good content then you’ll know that sometimes you just have to stop. You can’t be creative today, that’s it. Well, here are a few ideas for those days where nothing seems to be going your way and your writing’s suffering. Have a look through and hopefully you’ll power through and create something fabulous.


This is a good one that can spark ideas left right and centre. You can have a look at loads of social media platforms (Facebook, Reddit, Quora), but Twitter is great at seeing what’s going on in your sector or what experts that you follow are saying. Twitter’s trending tool can let you in on exactly what people are talking about and any issues that are current and developing fast. You can then shape some of your content around these ideas. It can also show you what people in your local area are talking about, which can be helpful for Local SEO content.

Ask Someone

Not everyone will write content in your workplace, but it doesn’t mean they won’t have ideas. Asking people in different teams for their ideas can shine a light on trends they’ve noticed in your sector or particular topics customers are asking about so you can create useful content. Getting other people involved in creating content helps you offer loads of different perspectives and more expertise behind your writing.


Other Websites

Nicking ideas from other sites isn’t recommended, but you can have a read around similar sites or websites that cover your sector and grab some inspiration. Big sites will give you a general overview of issues and challenges facing your area of expertise, so you can relate this back to your own experiences with your brand and go from there. Wider reading is a good way to keep up with trends and act on them.


Again, don’t copy your competitors but casually browse to see what they’re saying. They could be focusing on a trend you’ve not heard of yet and you could write something better or come at an issue from a different angle. Focus on what they’re saying that seems to be connecting with their audience, what are people liking, sharing and interacting with?


What are people sharing, commenting on and interacting with at the moment? Having a look at topics that seem to be gaining traction and that people are talking about is useful. Try and work out why it’s being engaged with; is it the quality of writing, the topic, both? Having a look at other content that’s successfully received can hopefully give you new ideas for content formulas and inform your strategy.


Why not ask your audience and see what kind of content they’d like to see from you. After all, you’re creating it with them in mind and you want to write the most useful content you can for them. Writing entertaining and informative content that aims to offer solutions and cover particular challenges your audience is facing gives them some valuable stuff to mull over.

Dust the cobwebs off and grab your laptop, hopefully you’ll have some ideas for new content that can dazzle your audience.

AUTHOR: Laura Cooper

Laura's a credited comedy writer who's written for the BBC, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. A creative at heart, she's our lead content writer at huzzah! digital and in her spare time can be found typing away for her own music/pop culture blogs.

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