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Getting someone to sign up to your brand’s e-newsletter or email list is an important part of lead generation and growing your brand. Enticing customers with exclusive goodies and loyalty incentives is just one way of promoting your service as useful instead of an ‘oh god, they’re spamming my inbox again’ type crowd.

A lot of brands focus on acquisition, but if you’re not working hard to provide genuinely valuable content then people will hit the unsubscribe button faster than you can say “waaaaaait”. So, how can you work harder to give your customers and potential customers a reason to open your emails?

Rewarding loyalty leads to retention

Okay, so ‘rewarding loyalty’ sounds like you’re running a mafia racquet, but it’s also a mantra that’ll work for your customers. Offers built on loyalty can improve retention and relationships. Points-based programmes where customers can generate points that lead to reduced deals or exclusive content give a tangible incentive to engage with your brand.

Personalise content to provide something unique

The trend for personalisation is growing, as people seek out unique items or content specific to their requirements. Whether this is a monthly treat box such as Graze that asks customers what they’d like in their box, or you can segment users and separate them – only sending content that customers have opted in for because they’re interested in it.

Asking for information about personal preferences and tastes helps to give you more information and data to inform your future products/service too.

On-trend content keeps you relevant

Keeping an eye on your sector and the types of developments that will interest your audience is important if you want to provide content that’s on point and captures the mood of the moment. Outdated content or material that’s been re-hashed over and over by other brands won’t set you apart from your competition, so researching trends and shaping your content around them is a useful idea.

Use a mixture of mediums

Not everyone learns in the same way and this logic can be applied to the type of content people prefer as well. Creating a flexible strategy that mixes things up and uses different mediums to get messages across helps to show the ingenuity of your brand.

You can produce more dynamic, innovative content by experimenting with different formats and ways of connecting with your audience. Blog posts, video content, infographics, gifs…the list goes on and doing some analysis of what resonates well with your readers can influence your content strategy. Providing different content keeps your audience on their toes and encourages them to engage with your email offerings because they’re genuinely interesting and have a level of spontaneity to them, instead of stale content.

Once people have subscribed to your brand’s emails, the work is far from over. You have to consistently supply reasons for customers to stick with you, instead of relying on the strength of your brand story. Whether this is through offers or valuable content; increasing customer loyalty and engagement should be one of your top priorities. Acquiring subscribers is essential but so is retaining them.





AUTHOR: Heba El-Husseini

As the Digital Account Manager at huzzah! digital, Heba is a creative visionary with a flair for writing. She is a lover of storytelling and the impact it can have on brands. When she's not brushing up on her filmmaking skills, you can usually find her eyeing up the latest fashion trends.

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