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Think about how much of your working life is spent lurking in your email inbox, trying to simultaneously sift through lots of useful and useless information. It’s a lot of time, right? In fact, it’s probably 3.2 hours of every working day. And that’s not all; we spend roughly another 3 hours checking our personal email too. And people say email is dead!

So, it’s obviously pretty important for your own brand to send emails that grab people’s attention, otherwise they’ll get lost amongst the rest of the noise and end up deleted, unread or glanced at with a hurried expression. So how can you boost your email open rates and lead to some tasty conversion? Let’s have a look at a few tips.

A/B Testing

One of the savviest ways to test whether your emails are going down a storm or sinking without a trace is to do some simple A/B testing. Basically, when you’re creating a new campaign, it’s a good idea to produce a second email with variations, so you can test what customers engage with more.

It’s up to you what you test, but it could be by using more visuals, more personalisation, shorter copy, different subject lines…anything that can give you a bit more data about what is increasing or decreasing your email open rates.



Sending all of your customers the exact same thing is a big no-no, but a lot of brands still do it. You can use lots of stats and data to inform your segmentation, but that can be very time intensive, so basic metrics like how much someone buys from you, how much money they spend or when someone last bought from you are just 3 simple ways to segment emails.

You can then cater a specific message for different groups and deliver offers that are relevant to them. This enables you to reward loyalty or entice people back. Use information about your customers to present them with even more timely and appealing info in a personalised way.

Subject Lines

Before anyone opens your email, they’re going to read your subject line and if they aren’t impressed, they’ll move on; it’s a brutal world. As we’ve mentioned, using A/B Testing is a great way to check out what kind of subject lines resonate with your customers and different groups.

You can experiment with loads of different methods; actionable, direct language, a more personalised approach, use some humour (not too cheeky) or clear and catchy. Again, have some fun with it and test out different lines.



Overloading customers with info can overwhelm them and your carefully crafted messages and calls to action can go unnoticed. Finding an authentic, engaging tone of voice is important, but so is the length and layout of your email copy.

Decide on a single call to action and emphasise it, ensure you aren’t waffling or repeating yourself and focus on providing useful content. The world moves pretty fast and people want clear, concise info they don’t have to work hard to find.

Test and play around with your email content, segmentation and subject lines and you’ll be able to garner some useful insight into what your customers are engaging with.

AUTHOR: Laura Cooper

Laura's a credited comedy writer who's written for the BBC, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. A creative at heart, she's our lead content writer at huzzah! digital and in her spare time can be found typing away for her own music/pop culture blogs.

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