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If you’re looking for an inventive way to show your brand’s human side then Facebook Live Video is a savvy tool that can inject some personality into your marketing strategy.
Facebook Video
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If you’re looking for an inventive way to show your brand’s human side then Facebook Live Video is a savvy tool that can inject some personality into your marketing strategy. It’s relatively low cost, you can get really creative and the potential to enhance the all-important ‘connection’ with your audience is massive. You can also be reactive with your content and upload real-time videos that are bang on trend, because of the ease and speed that you can create them in. So, here’s why you need to sit up and take note of Facebook Live Video and how you can use it.

Video Content

By 2020, 40% of consumers are going to be Generation Z, which means that you have to find innovative ways to speak to this demographic. They’re digital nomads that are completely comfortable with internet culture, so entertaining and engaging content is a must. When you think about the social media platforms that consumers are using for their personal life, Snapchat and Instagram are two of the most popular. Video content is a central part of their appeal, so it makes sense to speak the same language in marketing.

Massive Audience

At the moment, Facebook sees 1.04 billion daily active users rushing through its virtual doors, so it’d be silly not to interact with such a vast audience. An audience that big is a rarity. People are comfortable on Facebook, they know how it works, they know how to stop something if they don’t like it and they’ll engage with your brand if they want to. Watching a video or two isn’t a big ask and doesn’t take much effort, so your marketing can seamlessly fit in to a customer’s everyday life.



We all know how long it can take to slave away making a perfectly presented video which has been edited about 5,748 times. It might look good, but it’s not authentic. People want to see behind a brand, they want to see the human side of a brand and they don’t mind real-time video that rolls with the punches. Making mistakes is part of showing your brand isn’t afraid to show itself, warts and all. The impulsiveness of live video disrupts traditional marketing strategy but can be just as worthwhile.


Stats are already showing that interacting with a brand in a live-video is more memorable than reading an article about the same subject. This is where live-video shines. Being able to quickly respond to audience comments, call people out while you film and share a joke or two all helps to forge a connection with a customer. Rapid-fire responses allow your brand to think on its feet, show its personality and prove that you’re not a boring, stuffy corporation.


Facebook Live Video gives you the chance to make some fun, creative and spontaneous content. Some of the best types of videos can give a behind-the-scenes look at your brand and introduce customers to some of the characters that you work with. People will start to feel more emotionally invested in your brand. You can also do fun special announcement videos for new products that give a bit more background and you can broadcast live events that your brand is involved with too. Q&As and interviews with staff or customers are also effective. Videos give the impression that you’re letting your audience in on information and content that they can’t get anywhere else and that traditionally would be inaccessible.



If you want to start building a loyal following then you’ll need to reward your video audience with valuable content on a consistent basis. Creating lots of videos, shaking up your content and trying new things is important, as otherwise people will get bored and move onto their next cat video. You have to be eclectic with your output and find ways to be creative. Facebook’s audience retention tool and the comments on your videos will help you to experiment, to see what works and to shape your content.

Facebook Live Video can be a really fun and effective part of your marketing strategy. You can use it to create other related content and improve the rest of your output. Show customers your passion, energy and personality too.

AUTHOR: Laura Cooper

Laura's a credited comedy writer who's written for the BBC, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. A creative at heart, she's our lead content writer at huzzah! digital and in her spare time can be found typing away for her own music/pop culture blogs.

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