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Local SEO: you may have heard it being hailed as the holy grail of online optimisation. But why is it so important? Local searches are highly targeted across all devices and Local SEO is considered to have the best conversion rates and ROI in comparison to general SEO.

Sounds like a dream come true, right? The best part is that there are loads of simple tweaks you can make to your Local SEO strategy to boost your presence.

We’ve rounded up some quick wins for you:

Voice Search is on the Rise

Thanks to our increasingly demanding nature, people are using voice search more and more – especially when they’re using local search. You don’t need to go wild and do a complete overhaul of your SEO strategy, but taking note of the different keywords and phrases people use in voice search is key.

Voice searches tend to involve more natural phrasing and long-form sentence structure so have a think about how people will phrase their searches out loud and use this to inform your SEO. This can double up to help craft copy and content that’s more conversational as you learn more about your users’ intent.

Mobile is Dominating

This one’s no big surprise to anybody, but ensuring your brand invests heavily in mobile optimisation is crucial. Assess how much traffic you get from mobile search and shift your budget accordingly.

If you haven’t already, it’s a pretty good idea to optimise your website and your content for search and UX. As a significant proportion of local searches are made from mobiles, it’s essential that your brand is easily accessible and effectively positioned for mobile search.

Local Listings need to be Accurate

It may seem like a no brainer but making sure all of your details are consistent and accurate across all platforms your brand appears on is one of the most basic, fundamental parts of Local SEO strategy. Your rankings will be affected if info isn’t up to date and you won’t provide a good user experience if a user can’t find correct details.

Doing an audit every now and then is a great way to keep everything in check, just in case anything has changed.

Personalised Local Ads

Naturally, making your ads and content hyper-local and relevant will help to improve local ad conversions. You can do this by using personalised retargeting, adding location extensions and creating local landing pages.

Researching the type of local searches you’re receiving, including times, demographics and the nature of the searches can be used to make your ads more on-point.

Local Link Building

Brands are sometimes guilty of spending too much on advertising and marketing that neglects the local area. Local link building gives you more of a presence in the community and can even win your brand some friends in the long run.

Be on the lookout for other businesses and potential partnerships in your local area that you can team up with to work on cross-over campaigns. A bit of mutual backscratching never hurt anybody!

Sometimes you can strike gold and wind up making more of an impact from the local network base already built up by other local partners – especially if you’re a relatively new business.

These are just a few small, simple changes you can make to your Local SEO strategy to tighten things up and keep everything up-to-date. Effective Local SEO is important for any brand that wants to make an impact online, so give these quick win tips a go to make it even easier for your customers to access all that your brand has to offer.

AUTHOR: Heba El-Husseini

As the Digital Account Manager at huzzah! digital, Heba is a creative visionary with a flair for writing. She is a lover of storytelling and the impact it can have on brands. When she's not brushing up on her filmmaking skills, you can usually find her eyeing up the latest fashion trends.

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