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Whether you love her or hate her, the point is: you know of her. There’s no escaping the global phenomenon that is Kim Kardashian, and frankly, her vital statistics are the stuff that marketer’s dream of.

Just look at her brand. Kim has 63.4m Instagram followers, 41.7m Twitter followers, and that’s not to mention her TV show, her money churning game, app, and distinctive emoji line (none other than the Kimoji.)

As unbearable as you may find her, Kim’s marketing success speaks for itself. So, with that in mind, here’s 3 fundamental lessons that all digital marketers can learn from Mrs Kardashian West.

  1. Plan activities around key calendar dates

Let’s look at Kim’s recent activities around #InternationalWomensDay, shall we?  Those nude selfies weren’t just sexy: they were also a slick, highly successful marketing campaign. In fact, they were nothing short of a social media mastercl(ass).

Stage 1 of the campaign involved a nude photo on March 7. Crucially, that was the day before International Women’s Day. Kim’s breasts caused internet chaos, sparking criticism, debate, and of course, many an admiring view. It was a viral lesson in brand awareness.

That general uproar led to stage 2 of Kim’s campaign: brand consideration. Kim took to Twitter to respond to her celebrity critics and, in the process of socially slaying them, she also raised the timely issue of female liberation. That meant that by March 8, Kim’s nudes were the hot topic of International Women’s Day. In some form or another, millions of us were discussing whether Kim was a poor example to young girls, or rather a strong, empowered businesswoman.

Stage 3 was simple: conversion. Whilst already stealing the #IWD2016 show, Kim once again took to Twitter to share an open letter on body shaming and sexuality – an open letter that just so happened to be behind a paywall for premium Kardashian content. Starting to see the genius marketing planning at work here?

And that wasn’t all: stage 4 was good ol’ capitalisation. Kim used the buzz following her nude pictures and International Women’s Day to immediately launch her Snapchat account on March 9. This was no coincidental launch date. This was an engineered, perfectly executed campaign to put Kim in the spotlight – and it wouldn’t have worked without leveraging the opportune calendar date.

  1. Draw eyes to your assets

You have to give it to Kim: she leads with her strengths. Scarcely a day goes by when we don’t see a picture of her crowning glory. (Also known as her huge bottom.) And actually, that move is savvier than you might assume.

Too many marketers forget the importance of repetition. In the rush to be engaging on social media, their core brand message can be lost amidst memes, funny pictures and the latest promotional offers. Scrolling through their feeds, it can be difficult to identify what it is that the company actually does, and what their central offer is.

When it comes to Kim, that central focus is never lost. Kim’s asset is herself, and her selling point is her magnificent booty. She leads with that message, she repeats it across every channel available, and she closes with it. Our eyes are always on her assets, and we never forget about their existence.

Again, the message here is clear. Only in understanding what your audience wants, and giving it to them consistently, can you keep your brand value clear.

  1. Pick the right partners

Marrying one of the most famous musicians on the planet is a pretty solid way of boosting your fame. But before Kanye, there was Kris Humphries, the renowned basketball player. And who could forget Ray J and that infamous video? Even before Ray J, Kim was BFFs with Paris Hilton – right at the height of her early 2000s fame.

Kim has always partnered with people who can build her brand, introduce her to new audiences and elevate her celebrity to new heights. And it’s not just people: look at her lucrative deals with businesses from Apple through to Armani. (Remember that time Kim leant her name to an iPhone game, and it made $43m in 3 months..?)

Yup, Kim knows how to work partnerships alright. Understanding the value of your own brand, and the value that other brands could add to you, is a key digital marketing lesson. After all, a winning partnership doesn’t just extend your audience. It can also confer new and exciting qualities, spark innovation and open up a whole world of opportunities.

So, there you have it. When you look at Kim from a digital marketing perspective, she’s actually – and this is hard to admit – quite the genius. We wouldn’t advise you all to start posting naked selfies to further your careers, but we would advise you to learn from these 3 Kim-inspired lessons.

AUTHOR: Harriet Rhodes
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